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Greeting to all members,

Not going to sugar coat it....

First and foremost I, on behalf of BATCOM, Directors, past and present leadership, want to that every member for 5 Wonderful years of TRAF. TRAF started with Weatherford and grew to be a dominant contender in PlanetSide 2; we were universally know as a force to be reckoned with. When TRAF launched operations we changed and shaped the battlefield in epic proportions.

Though those days are gone but, they are not forgotten and as PS2 slowly hemorrhages and dies, a void is already forming in its wake. TRAF morphed from a PS2 only command to a gaming community and continued on but, alas, nothing lasts forever. While we will have fond memories of epic battles past, commanding speeches and something, something... words....... TRAF never truly dies.. We are approaching the end of one legacy and the beginning of a new one...

I am sure it's been obvious that the website has shrunk and team speak's capacity is reduced; funding for the next year of what we know has dried up and will suffer the same fate as our once beloved PS2. BUT..... all is not lost. The site and TS will remain active long enough to spread the word to all active and inactive members, spread the word that we have moved operations over to Discord.

With that said, this site and TS will go dark in about 2 months give or take and we propose this to all who read this Final Post. There is talk of a name change, maybe something to reflect more of who we are rather then who we were.. We were King/Queens of the skies (almost) and thunder on the land but now, we are something more. No longer constrained to the battlefield of what was PS2.... We are everywhere and in many games now....

Let's hear what you think, let's light this last thread 100 posts deep.. Let's toss around some idea for a new name or even to keep the old.... leave a message of a fond memory, a shining moment or a hearty belly laugh so deep you still can feel it...

So spread the word far and wide and reunite all members on Discord and leave a few words on our last thread

For one last time, we gather and unite for our last and final operation...
Godspeed to all, and, for the Final Time.......

To.... Your..... Stations.....

-No I do NOT Spell or Grammar check my posts.. As long as you get my message, I don't care how it gets there
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I love this community and I love you @#$&*%.
Joining, being a part of, and being a leader of this group has been so influential in my life, not only online but in real life as well. I still remember the days of working my entire life schedule around Operations. Even now, thinking about suicide redeploys, colossal victories, and the SPEECHES gives me goosebumps. Far and away you all made that possible and I am truly, genuinely thankful for the relationships I developed through TRAF, many of which are still active friends, some I've even met IRL.

So stay in touch, get on the Discord, play some games.

I say we keep the acronym and change the name.

The Rowdy Ass Friends.
Posted Jan 25, 19
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I agree 100%, this has been a great gaming community to be apart of, with everyone I've met over the years. It brings huge smiles on my face thinking of all those speeches every Friday night. I mean come on everyone that remembers those smile and get chills everytime you hear them, Or laugh when BigNig did the speeches. But honestly everyone hit up Discord and show the community some love. Hell you'll even see me on there every once and awhile. But I agree with Jack let the TRAF name die with PS2, were not just PS2 anymore it's a community now. And for everyone who remembers, Just die you dumbasses I'll put bacon down. 3 2 1 GO GO GO...... Ok who was the idiot that didn't drop, oh shit it's Meth yep it's Meth....... BigMack signing off from the website.......
It's been a pleasure.
Posted Tue at 03:15 pm