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Raised Rates?

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Hey, so I wanted to approach the forums for the Ark Ragnarok server to inquire about increasing the harvest rates for the server. The server not only has a very small attendance, (Literally just me and my sister) but it's grindy. Just 2 people trying to gather materials for a base is turning into just a grindfest. We would like to suggest maybe 10x harvest rate. So we can enjoy reaching endgame after we build a rad base. We love this server and all the mods, we just get so bored with how grindy it is. Even using dinos to harvest is still a pain that ranges 1-2hours of nonstop grinding.

We hope this will get some attention, even if its raised a little bit.

Naomus & Saki
Posted Sep 8, 17 · OP
IT Team
4 years of Service
The server rates are elevated from vanilla. harvesting is at 2x, taming is 15x, death bag is 30 mins and many other rates are elevated form stock. the server is designed to be a long term investment and not "end game" in 1 week.. its meant to be a challenge but not as grindy as vanilla
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Posted Sep 12, 17