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[TRAF]  -  An organized Gaming Community
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game Planetside 2 - PC
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Terran Republic Assault Force [TRAF] is looking for squad members, leaders and officers
Are you prepared to give it your all for the glory of the Republic? Drive back the treasonous rebel Conglomerate and take the fight to viscous Vanu scum.

We are an organized Terran Republic outfit, with a solid rank structure that operates on the Emerald server. Organized operations are scheduled almost every day in the week at 8 pm EST. [TRAF] specializes in highly mobile infantry squads, We also have a Dedicated Tactical Squad, an Armor Squad along with the support of a dedicated Air Unit. We run OP's 3 nights a week, Training sessions, Joint OP's with fellow alliance outfits and much much more.. in TRAF there is always something to do..

European? We have a division for that too

Go to the Terran Republic Assault Force Website or join us in Teamspeak at to find our more.

Join today! Loyalty until death!
Remember, TRAF Doesn't Afraid of Anything!!
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Casual Competitive - Medium Competitive - High Social voice TS3
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